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Garage Door Spring Repair

Occasionally, garage door springs can break in heavy-use environments. We at Overhead Garage Doors fix broken springs to ensure garage door operation.

How to Fix Broken Garage Door Spring

You may be anxious to get your garage door back up and running quickly, but you should never attempt to replace or repair a garage door spring yourself. Doing so could result in injury to yourself, those around you, your vehicle, and could even worsen the existing problem.
You should always contact a garage door expert who can quickly diagnose and repair your garage door in an efficient and safe manner - Overhead Garage Doors has years of experience repairing these types of doors.

Signs Your Garage Door Spring is Broken

Your garage door may stop opening and/or closing, make jerky movements, or close too fast if the springs are worn out, broken or damaged. Always operate your garage door manually to avoid injury. Also, be very careful if your garage door is closing too quickly - this can indicate a completely broken spring, and doors with these issues are dangerous to handle.


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