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Fire-Rated Roll-Up Gates

Our fire-rated coiling roll up doors keep the danger at bay during crucial times. Because they are NFPA and UL compliant, you can be sure your team will be safe when it matters the most. They are also quieter, and operate more smoothly due to their viscous governor technology.


ire doors combine all of the durability and security with the added feature of UL Fire-Rated Protection. Ensures that your personnel and property are protected in the event of a fire with heavy duty, 30 / 60 / 90 minute UL fire and smoke rated closures.

More Features

Max Height
24’ (7.32 meters)*

Max Width
24’ (7.32 meters)*

Chain hoist
Option: motorized (recommended)

Slat Profile
Fire-rated steel flat slat or single Crown slat

Stainless steel, galvanized or powder coated

End Locks
Alternating end locks
Option: wind locks

Fire Rating
Up to 4 hour class A UL depending on configuration

10k cycles standard (high use available)

Bottom Bar
Double angle structural steel
Optional weather seal

Slide locks or cylinder locks

Field Testing
Easy field testing mechanism (allows for maintenance tests between certified professional tests)

Overhead Garage Doors


As licensed garage doors professionals, we know the value of safety and security of your home / business. Our company specializes in garage door services that address a variety of needs and requirements. As a trusted local garage doors repair company, we employ highly experienced technicians and mechanics that are fully capable in fixing any garage door issues.

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