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Overhead Garage Doors

Services We Provide

Are you experiencing issues with your garage door? Trust only the best choice garage door specialist in the local area — Overhead Garage Doors. Contact us now at (215) 774-3222.

Overhead Garage Doors is the trusted service provider in installing, servicing and repairing all kinds and types of garage doors. When you call us, expect our technicians to arrive promptly and efficiently attend to your garage door needs.

We have the team of expert professionals who know how to handle each and every type of garage door and its components. This is because all of our technicians go through a rigorous training process, covering every known garage door repair technique. We do not let them onto the field until we know that they are completely trained, and can perform a job to perfection. Aside from this, they are continually updated with all the latest knowledge, information and training in order to do their work efficiently.


Who Is Overhead Garage Doors?

We provide free estimates on new garage doors and garage door openers, and we always guarantee our products and services with a warranty. An overhead garage door is too important to trust to just anyone, it’s the largest moving object and in the top five of home improvement return on investment. When you want garage door solutions that will look great and perform over the long term, Overhead Garage Doors.

Overhead Garage Doors

Services We Provide

  • Licensed & Insured
    Overhead Garage Doors License: License Number #PA150333
  • We Offer a Full Suite of Service
    Overhead Garage Doors provides a full assortment of garage door installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our services include but are not limited to installation, replacement, and repairs of garage doors, automatic gates, and roll up doors. We also provide emergency services available 24/7 for customers whose garage door service require urgent attention. Nonetheless, whether you need emergency services or not, every project is treated with equal priority and all our services are prompt and efficient.
  • We Stand By our Service
    At Overhead Garage Doors, we take pride in our work. We are committed to the satisfaction of all our customers which is why our technicians are careful to ensure that they provide high value and an unparalleled level of service. When you contract our service, our garage door service specialists, will evaluate your personal needs, then propose an extensive plan to provide an adequate solution to your needs. We stand confidently behind the service our technicians provide because we are certain of its high quality and we want our customers to have that level of trust in us as well.
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