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Our Services

OVERHEAD GARRAGE DOORS has earned its reputation as a top Garage Door Supplier in the entire Phialdelphia area because we go out of our way to give great service. Our team works day and night to offer you the service you need and deserve, along with a huge selection of products to fit your every need. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can offer you.


Residential Garage Door Installation

Garage is an important part of every house that along with storing a lot of valuable possessions and vehicles also affects the looks of the house. Selecting a perfect garage door for your garage seems easier than it actually is with Overhead garage Doors.


Garage Door Repair

Working on your garage door can be hazardous and messy, which is why Overhead Garage Doors provides professionally trained technitians for garage door repairs.


Garage Door Consultation

At Overhead Garage Doors, we have technicians who will measure your current garage door and take measurements of the opening. Additionally, we ask questions.


Garage Door Design

With overhead garage doors, you can choose and design garage doors that meet your preferences.


Garage Door Panel Replacement

A garage door panel replacement is designed to replace one or more sections of a garage door to address any signs of damage.


Garage Door Roller Replacement

Overhead garage doors offers garage door roller replacement when rollers begin to wear, loosen, or bend, causing your door to move slowly or jerkily.


Broken Spring Replacement

A garage door spring's lifespan can be shortened significantly if it is subjected to high usage. Broken springs must be repaired or replaced in order to ensure the garage door functions as it should. Overhead Garage Doors offers Broken Spring Replacement services.


Extention Spring Replacement

Overhead Garage Doors has technicians who will replace garage door extension springs to help you avoid the risks associated with this task.


Torsion Spring Replacement

Whether you are installing a standard torsion spring or an automated mechanism, Overhead Garage Doors offers reliable installation services. Torsion springs require manual winding and can cause serious injury if released inadvertently.


Garage Door Spring Repair

Occasionally, garage door springs can break in heavy-use environments. We at Overhead Garage Doors fix broken springs to ensure garage door operation.


Garage Door Opener Replacement

Overhead Garage Doors offers replacements for garage door openers that are more reliable and efficient over time


Garage Door Opener Repair

Call Overhead Garage Doors if your garage door opener is not working. We'll get it up and running in no time


Roll Up Garage Door Installation

The rolling steel door from overhead garage doors makes them ideal for garages with limited ceiling space.


Commercial Garage Doors Service

From repairs to replacements, we offer a variety of different garage door services for commercial properties. No matter what problem your garage door is having, we can identify it and fix it


Gates Installation

We ensured that our technicians would save you money and time during gate installation


Emergency Services

For extra peace of mind, Overhead Garage Doors provides 24-hour emergency service for garage doors.

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