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Broken Spring Replacement

A garage door spring's lifespan can be shortened significantly if it is subjected to high usage. Broken springs must be repaired or replaced in order to ensure the garage door functions as it should. Overhead Garage Doors offers Broken Spring Replacement services.

Garage Doors Broken Spring

Whenever a garage door spring breaks, it causes the door to become unbalanced and can be challenging to open manually due to the weight. That is why we strongly advise our customers not to use the door. Call Overhead Garage Doors to repair your broken torsion spring or extension spring in order to prevent further damage or, more importantly, an injury.

Safety inspection

Our technicians at Overhead Garage Door understand the importance of garage door safety. After replacing your garage door springs, our technicians will provide a safety inspection to ensure all components and moving parts of your door are in good working order.


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