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Garage Door Consultation

At Overhead Garage Doors, we have technicians who will measure your current garage door and take measurements of the opening. Additionally, we ask questions.

In-Home Garage Door Consultation

Are you ready to schedule a new garage door consultation for your home? We are ready to help! With our free new door consultations, we can guide you through selecting style, material, and size. To make the experience comfortable and seamless for you, we offer by in-person and virtual consultations.

Request a Consultation With Us

We can help narrow down the rest of your options based on your personal taste, budget, and expected maintenance you’re searching for. We’re proud to carry such beautifully crafted products that are made from either wood, steel, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass , and offer the following from our exceptional collection:

Classic raised panel doors
Modern recessed panel doors
Elegant and timeless carriage doors
Rustic barn doors
Other architecturally stunning and unique custom doors


Request a Service

Request a Service

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