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Extention Spring Replacement

Overhead Garage Doors has technicians who will replace garage door extension springs to help you avoid the risks associated with this task.

Extention Springs

Extension springs are a cheaper, more commonly used, and older system. They are mounted on both sides of a garage door with cables that attach the spring to the track on one side and the track supports on the other.Cables are also attached to the bottom brackets of each side of the garage door and run through a system of pulleys to the springs and the track. Extension springs extend and contract rather than twist as the door closes and opens.

Extension Spring Replacement

Extension Springs serve the function of assisting with the opening of the Garage Door, which helps reduce the strain on the motor. Garage door extension springs are made specifically for a particular garage door height. Although there are several spring lengths for a given garage door height, longer springs are often used on taller garage doors. Extension springs are also designed to lift a certain amount of weight. To prevent damage to your garage door and injury, it is very important that you install the correct length and tension.


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