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Model 3652 | Nylon WindLocked Rolling Steel Door

Model 3652 is our certified wind load rated nylon rolling sheet door that meets specified wind loads requirements of the International Building Code and the Florida Building Code. Laboratory testing proves how durable and strong this door really is. The quick installation and smooth operation, particularly compared to other doors, further demonstrates how user friendly this door is. Design wind load is rated +36 PSF and -40 PSF for opening width of 12'0". Ratings vary for other opening widths, so please consult a salesperson.


The Model 3652 Nylon WindLocked Rolling Steel Door is an innovative and advanced solution designed to address the challenges posed by high wind conditions while providing security and durability. This windlocked rolling steel door is engineered to withstand extreme weather and ensure reliable performance in a variety of commercial and industrial environments.

Coastal Areas: Properties located in coastal regions prone to hurricanes, storms, and high winds can greatly benefit from the Model 3652's windlocked technology and durability.

Warehousing and Distribution Centers: For businesses that require secure and accessible access points in high-wind areas, this rolling steel door provides a reliable solution.

Industrial Facilities: The door is well-suited for industrial environments that demand both security and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Emergency Shelters: Buildings designated as emergency shelters can utilize the Model 3652 to provide a safe space during severe weather events.

Aircraft Hangars: Facilities that house aircraft can benefit from the door's wind resistance and durable construction.

More Features

Nylon WindLock System: The standout feature of the Model 3652 is its innovative Nylon WindLock system. This system consists of nylon windlocks that engage the guide tracks, securing the door in place even during high wind events. This technology ensures superior wind resistance and minimizes the risk of door damage or dislodgment.

Robust Construction: Built from high-quality steel materials, the Model 3652 is designed to withstand not only wind pressures but also the demands of heavy-duty usage. Its rugged construction contributes to its longevity and resilience.

Enhanced Security: Security is paramount, and the Model 3652 includes strong locking mechanisms and reinforced panels that provide a high level of protection against unauthorized access and potential intruders.

Smooth and Controlled Operation: Despite its heavy-duty build, the door is designed for smooth, controlled, and efficient operation. This ensures that access to buildings or facilities remains convenient and hassle-free.

Weather Sealing: The door features effective weather seals to prevent water, debris, and wind-driven rain from entering the interior. This helps maintain a secure and controlled environment.

Customization Options: Recognizing diverse needs, the Model 3652 offers customization options in terms of sizes, finishes, and additional features. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the door to their specific requirements.

In conclusion, the Model 3652 Nylon WindLocked Rolling Steel Door offers a cutting-edge solution for high-wind environments requiring both security and durability. Its innovative windlock system, robust construction, enhanced security features, and customization options make it an excellent choice for properties exposed to extreme weather conditions.

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