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Rolling Service Door

For wide access to a dock or shipping and receiving bay, where security is paramount, our steel roll up service doors are the perfect solution. With a variety of steel gauge curtains available, and numerous safety and control options to choose from, your service door can be configured exactly as needed.

Solid slat rolling doors are an economical, yet reliable means of protection against the elements, while providing the utmost in security. This rolling door is available in a variety of gauges and finishes, in steel or aluminum. Perfect for Loading Docks, Warehouse Facilities, Exterior Storefront Protection and more.

Standard Features

Max Height
40’ (12.19 meters)

Max Width
40’ (12.19 meters)

Chain hoist
Motorized (recommended)

Slat Profile
Flat slat or single crown slat

Stainless steel, galvanized, or powder coated
(Aluminum Available)

End Locks
Alternating end locks
Optional wind locks

Helical torsion 20k cycles
(High use available)

Triple structural steel angles

Bottom Bar
Double angle structural steel
Optional weather seal

Slide locks or cylinder locks

More Features

Enhanced Security: Our Rolling Service Doors provide a robust security barrier, safeguarding your valuable assets and merchandise. They act as a formidable deterrent to unauthorized access.

Wide Variety of Steel Gauges: You have the flexibility to choose from a range of steel gauge curtains, allowing you to tailor the door's strength and durability to your requirements. This ensures that your service door is built to last.

Customizable Finishes: The doors are available in various finishes, including steel or aluminum, allowing you to match the aesthetic of your facility or storefront seamlessly.

Economical and Reliable: Solid slat rolling doors offer cost-effective protection against the elements and are known for their reliability in ensuring your property remains secure.

Versatile Applications: Our Rolling Service Doors are suitable for a wide range of applications, including loading docks, warehouse facilities, exterior storefront protection, and more.

Custom Configuration: We understand that each facility has unique needs. That's why our doors are highly customizable, offering multiple safety and control options. This means your service door can be configured precisely to meet your requirements.

Durability: Designed for long-term use, these doors are built to withstand the rigors of daily operations and exposure to various environmental conditions.

Safety: Safety is a top priority. Our Rolling Service Doors can be equipped with safety features to protect employees and equipment, including sensor systems and emergency stop controls.

Professional Installation: Our experienced team ensures the proper installation of your Rolling Service Door, guaranteeing optimal functionality and performance.

Versatile Use: Whether you need to secure a warehouse, loading dock, or retail storefront, our Rolling Service Door is a versatile and dependable choice.

Invest in our Rolling Service Door to enhance the security and functionality of your facility. With its customizability, durability, and wide range of applications, it's the ideal solution for businesses seeking top-notch protection and access control.

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