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Amarr Classica Collection Garage Door | Philadelphia, PA 19312

Amarr Classica Collection Garage Door | Philadelphia, PA 19312

CUSTOM SIZES & OPTIONS AVAILABLE! AM-630E/686E/1226E/657T/712T/1226T LARGER SIZED WINDOWS See the difference. Bigger windows and more vertical-looking garage doors provides a more authentic carriage house look. HIGH R-VALUE Superior energy efficiency to maintain the temperature in your garage every season. SAFE GUARD PINCH PROTECTION Designed to promote hand and finger safety. WIND LOAD DOORS Garage doors reinforced to meet or exceed the wind building codes in your area.


Over 100 authentic-looking carriage house designs stamped in steel.

With the innovative Amarr Classica collection, you have more authentic carriage house styling with taller sections, only three sections instead of four with most other doors. Add larger windows for more natural lighting and polyurethane insulation for energy savings to get modern functionality and enhance your home's curb appeal

Construction Overview

Available in Single-, Double-, Triple-layer construction.
Optional polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. Insulated door R-values range from 6.64 to 13.35.
Heavy-gauge steel is coated in a 5-layer paint system for long-lasting durability.
Available with WindPro wind load reinforcement specifically built to withstand specific high-wind pressures to meet local building codes.

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As licensed garage doors professionals, we know the value of safety and security of your home / business. Our company specializes in garage door services that address a variety of needs and requirements. As a trusted local garage doors repair company, we employ highly experienced technicians and mechanics that are fully capable in fixing any garage door issues.

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